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Web Connect

The Web is the ultimate customer-empowering environment. It is the visitors who decide where to go and what to see. And if they don't like their experience, your competitors are just a click away. That's why the company strives to develop highly usable websites that attract customers. It means creating navigational structures that are easy and intuitive. Individual pages and entire website architectures are designed so that the users can find what they're after in a fast and logical way. We can help at any level of design from a simple static website to develop a fully interactive e-commerce solution. Developement

Our .NET experience spans ASP.NET development, Windows Azure development, Windows Store apps development, Windows desktop development, .NET migration, Silverlight development, .NET mobile development, .NET-based products customization, .NET web services & windows services development, .NET maintenance & support, and WPF / WCF / WF development.

Php Developement

Activa Connect's provides the latest web technologies like PHP, DHTML, Java Scripts, and Web Databases, etc. for conceptualizing, visualizing, copy writing and designing websites, multimedia, animation, theme and graphics. We keep the websites updated according to the requirement of the customer. We also keep on altering the display of information to highlight the current focus of the business.